Afric' Forum


Afric' Forum is a meeting place for reflection, research and responsible action open to the African diaspora in the Basque country and all people interested in African issues. Afric' Forum is an organizational framework for building a network environment to individual action, African communities living in the Basque Country to promote their involvement and participation as a citizen in his place of residence and their active involvement in all matters concerning the development of their country or continent of origin: Africa.


A diaspora prepared, responsible and active is an integrating factor intercultural citizen, and a bridge for Development Cooperation balanced and sustainable.


Africa moves us. Afric 'Forum works for a balanced integration of African communities in Euskadi and Cooperation for a real and sustainable development of the African continent.


  1. Valuing the contribution of African citizenship Basque society.

  2. Promoting full and effective participation of citizens of African origin in Basque society.

  3. Encourage co-development by a partnership between the mutually advantageous Sustainable Basque Country and African countries.

  4. Foster specifically the active and visible involvement of women of the African Diaspora living in Euskadi.

  5. Develop a sustainable technology transfer for Africa's development.

  6. Promote the creation of spaces for Innovation in African countries.